pub history

a sampling:

inter/national advertising and marketing

2011-13    Dell Inc. and; various (see portfolio page for a few samples)

literary journals

2011          short story: “Happy Meals,” Makeout Creek

2009-12    web editor/daily blogger, American Short Fiction: daily news briefs, interviews, reviews, essays, updates and behind-the-scenes peeks

2010          short story: “Ripple Effect,” The Owls | book review: “Dylan Landis’s Normal People Don’t Live Like This,” The Collagist | book review: “Ann Finger’s Call Me Ahab,” ASF blog | short story: “200 Words for It,” Keyhole Magazine | interview: Don’t Be a Coward: The Rumpus Interview with Philipp Meyer,” The Rumpus | American Short Fiction interview: B.J. Hollars, Parts 1-3,  American Short Fiction; Laura van den Berg, American Short Fiction; Rick Moody, Dagoberto Gild, Matt Bell, and dozens of others.

2009         book review: The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit by Michael Zadoorian ~ The Collagist | short story: “Real women don’t squat like that,” OMEGA | book review and interview: Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award nominee, American Salvage, The Rumpus, November 2009 | book review: “Skip Horack’s The Southern Cross, November 2009 | book review: “Josh Weil’s The New Valley,” The Collagist, September 2009 | short story: “Advance and Retreat,” Everyday Genius | prose poem: “Turning Japanese,” Shape of a Box, YouTube’s literary journal, August 09 | fiction: “Valentine,” Opium Magazine, July 09 | short story: “Another Fig Leaf,”, June 09 | 50-word short story favorite: “Recession,” Drew Gummerson Blog, | short story notes: “Stella Maud, Half-price,” | six-word memoir, | flash: “Conversation with a Slut,” Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative (

2007          short story: “Ana’s Opening,” The Austin Chronicle (Short Story Contest issue) | book review: It Was Like Me Tryting to Have A Tender-Hearted Nature by Diane Williams, Front Porch Journal

2005          fiction: “Old Miss Detroit,” The Furnace Detroit online

2004         flash fiction, poetry: “The Word: Approximation,” The Question: Who Are They?” The Furnace Detroit | essays/cultural criticism: “fast forward,” “a(h) gagliano aterno,” “on leaving,” | short story: “Old Miss Detroit,”, Detroit, Mich.

2003        poem: “building a love letter,” (off the mic): Ann Arbor Poetry Slam Anthology, publisher Steve Marsh, The Wordsmith Press, Ann Arbor, MI | poem: “to live,” (off the mic): Ann Arbor Poetry Slam Anthology, publisher Steve Marsh,
The Wordsmith Press, Ann Arbor, MI | poem: “counting in bed,” (off the mic): Ann Arbor Poetry Slam Anthology, publisher Steve Marsh, The Wordsmith Press, Ann Arbor, MI

1994       prose poem: “Mother-Brown Eyes and Tilted Lips,” The Word Enamel, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich. | poem: “Ode to the Alphabet,” The Word Enamel, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.

current work submitted

“The Affair I’m Supposed to Be Having,” essay, | “History Is Mystery—Until You Meet It at a Book Signing,” essay, Another Chicago Magazine | “Mockford and Phyllis,” Opium Magazine 500-word Memoir Contest | “Francis Goodman Wakes Up,” Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Fiction Writing Contest | “At the RISE N SHINE,” (short story), The Women Writers Conference Gabehart Prize for Imaginative Writing, Kentucky | “If Only They Were Halliburton,” (prose), Dime Stories, | “Trying to Win a Set of ZERO Halliburton Luggage with an Open and Shut Love Story” (50-word-short story)

selected non-fiction, feature and technical
2007        book review:, San Marcos, Texas
2005        movie and restaurant reviews:, Detroit, Mich.
2004        essay: “Romancing the workplace,” Ann Arbor, Mich., ( | restaurant reviews and essays:, Detroit, Mich.
2003        biographies and features: “Michigan’s Most Eligible,” Detroit, Mich. (

2002-05     web articles and updates, ads, brochures, press releases, Aircheck – listener newsletter, WDET FM, Detroit, Mich.

2000-01    Editorial director and writer ~ 40 feature and tech articles and 24 news items per month, Pilot Website Program, “Built Ford Tough Insider,” J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Detroit, Mich.

from “Built Ford Tough Insider Program” (400 total articles conceived):
“Antarctic Deep Freeze: F-Series in top form at the bottom of the world” | “Globe Trotting: F-550 takes photojournalist where no vehicle has gone before” | “Need for Speed: F-150s enter NASCAR circuit” | “Hot Stuff: Mississippi forest management team takes F-150 into the fire” |“Tested Tough: Ford’s Arizona Proving Ground tests F-Series’ mettle – and then some” | “In the Army Now: U.S. Armed Services enlist F-350” | “In the Design Room: F-Series takes paint technology into the new millennium”

2000        Copy write brochures, catalog and direct mail, Ford Excursion and F-Series Program,  J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Detroit, Mich. (see portfolio page for samples)

1999        Online Editor (, Internal Affairs, Visteon Automotive Systems, Dearborn, Mich.
“Turning the Information Age into the information advantage” | “Eureka! Visteon’s intellectual property publication strikes gold” | “Visteon employee brings back the other great American pastime: soap box derby” | “Visteon engineer makes the ‘Royal Top 10’ list” | “Walking a mile in your coworker’s shoes: Visteon’s Sterling Plant shares jobs to promote understanding” | “The classroom meets the workplace when West Middle School teams up with Visteon’s Sheldon Road Plant” | “Visteon donation goes a long way toward fulfilling a Lakota youth’s dream” | “Visteon sets the standard on future voice activation technology” | “Let’s do lunch: Women in Visteon dish up tips, tricks and information during the lunch hour” | “Just what the doctor ordered: Indianopolis Plant opens UAW-Ford Rehabilitation Center” | “Visteon drives industry-first plan to recycle post-consumer plastic bumpers” | “Virtual Reality gives Visteon the edge in cockpit design” |“Visteon Glass Systems unveils pollutant-free water-based paint” | “Visteon Wulfrath Plant’s Iron Man finishes second annual Ford-Cologne Marathon in top form” | “Bright prospects: Visteon researchers come up with dazzling new laser technology”


Associate editor and feature cover story writer, Eureka! newsletter, High-Tech, Technology Development Department, Visteon Automotive Systems
from Eureka!:
“Software Technology Helps Track the Jag: Product design engineers put the lock on anti-lock braking systems” | “Clearing away the Fog: Climate Control gets a grip on fuzzy logic” | “Bill and John’s Excellent Chip: Two high-tech artists put the sound logic in the automotive audio environment”

1996-97   Staff writer, Corporate Detroit magazine, Detroit, Mich.
from Corporate Detroit magazine:
“A screen saver a day keeps the doctor away (and the workman’s comp claims)” (April/May 1997) | “Will tort reform put an end to the hand outs?” (April/May 1997) | “Tackling (ugh!) taxes: You need more than a sharpened pencil to get ready.” (March 1997) | “The newest prescription: MSAs put health care decisions back in the hands of the             consumer” (March 1997) | “Making money out of thin air: One local company cleans up air pollution with two cutting-edge technologies” (February 1997) | “The expansive world of banking: Care to insure that passbook?” (February 1997) | “Dream Factory: The Internet Factory is no sleeper in the Internet commerce business” (January 1997) | “Rx for Hospitals: Metro Detroit hospitals are leading the nation in controlling costs through belt-tightening and new treatment strategies” (November 1996) | “Cyber Star: Stardock founder Bradley Wardell is one of a new breed of young computer whizzes-turned-CEOs” | “Microbe Manager: Detroit microbiologist is on the brink of something big with his fledgling biotech, Microcide Inc.”

1997        Ghostwriter and researcher, “Recipes and Rituals of the Mediterranean,” (published) Julia Najar, West Bloomfield, Mich. | Web writer,, Rappaport Consulting, West Bloomfield, Mich. | conceive, research, interview, write, and edit entire finished spec issue of KICK! magazine, the first of its kind–glossy, 48-page soccer magazine for tweens

1996        Ghostwriter, “Mastering the art of business performance,” (articles for trade press) Rappaport Consulting, West Bloomfield, Mich.

1995        Artist biography writer, “Artists on Screen,” computer kiosk project, Detroit Institute of  Arts, Detroit, Mich.
1994        Feature cover story, “Wanted: Free expression and a stash of cash; the ups and downs in  the funding game,” Surreal Underground Entertainment magazine (Summer 1994)

current projects

Cohost/co-curator, Five Things Austin (award-winning multi-media literary salon) | “I Confess Project” (group postcard project wherein subjects write down and send in a secret, fear or hope that they have not told another person) | “Giovanna Bemporad’s Poetry” (translations in progress, Italian to English) | “The Incident” (novel-in-short stories) narrating rape | “In the Flesh: Meeting the Mate behind the Monitor” (social commentary) | “Counting Backwards by Tens” (memoir-in-progress) | Research-in-progress for “Insight” (short story), meditation on blindness | Work-in-progress for “At the RISE N SHINE” (short stories), town life depicted by a questionable character

invited lectures

2008    “Travel Writing” – “Travel Writing” Seminar, Texas State University at University College, Cork, Ireland
2006    “Looking for Peace in Hemingway’s ‘Big Two-Hearted River Parts I, II’” – “English Literature after 1865” Seminar, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX (Tx State):
2006    “In Black and White – Exploring Sander Gilman and Iconography of Female Sexuality in Late 19th Century Art, Medicine and Literature” – “Post-Colonial Literature” Seminar, Tx State
2005-06        Exam Review Sessions for seminar classes of 200-400 students, Tx State
1994     “The Underbelly of Sexuality in LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka’s The Flying Dutchman – “Beats and Bad Boys” Seminar, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

2008    Salon Katya, Austin, Texas | Five Things Austin, Texas | from “Ana’s Opening,” Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers, San Angelo, Texas | New York State Summer Writers Institute, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York

2006    from poetry translations, MFA Reading Series, Katherine Anne Porter House, Kyle, Texas | from the title story of work-in-progress “At the RISE N SHINE,” Julian Place Literary Series, San Marcos, Texas

2005    ·from new work, Southwest Writers Collection, San Marcos, Texas | from “Breathe,” Metro Detroit Writers Stage, Detroit Festival of the Arts, Detroit, Mich.

2004   from “Breathe,” Wayne State University 2002-2003 Thompkins Award winners, Detroit, Mich.
1998    from current poetry – Alvin’s “Aural Pleasure” Benefit for Sound Urban Landscape, Detroit, Mich.
1997    from current poetry and fiction, Featured Reader: Wayne State Names & Faces night, Detroit, Mich.
1994    from current poetry – on WDET-FM, “The Ralph Valdez Program,” Detroit, Mich.


2004    SLAM poetry, Ann Arbor, Mich.
1994    from “Snatches,” performance poetry, General Lectures Hall, Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.


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